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Your hosts Gaye, Emily and Nick, three members of GENeration Z discuss their lives, the tea and their journey's. Keeping it real, comedic and motivational every week.

Ep.9 Life Update

Join us as we chat about some fun adventures we have been on and some exciting new journeys we are about to embark on. As always it is juicy, comedic ...
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Ep.8 Addressing the Drama

We address all the recent scandals, controversies and drama surrounding your co-hosts Gaye, Em and Nick. We put all the cards on the table and from ou...
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Ep.7 Kinks, Sex and First Dates

Tune in for some random yet hilarious topics discussed by your gals! We dive into number 2's, fetishes, kinks, first dates, a special guest calls in a...
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Ep.5 Back To The Future

In this Pod we ask ourselves what we would've said to our 12 year old selves if we had a minute with them. Hopefully our journeys inspire the young an...
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