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Speaking Out for American Traditions

It’s a Hunterful Life

He’s no Grinch. John presents a special holiday show for sportsmen, and discusses what everyone can do to personally help preserve our hunting heritag...
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Who’s Telling Lies About CWD

Year after year…wildlife experts warn us about how horrible a Chronic Wasting Disease contagion would be for our nation’s population of deer, and elk....
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Gun Grabbers on the March

Tyranny-loving Progressives are on the march again, and the Second Amendment is in their crosshairs. Recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, O...
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Stocking Up on Wildlife

Is there hunter hypocrisy? Sportsmen welcome the management placement of farm-raised pheasants, quail, and exotics onto hunting ranches and hatchery-r...
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OP CLASSIC: The Big Water Grab

Eco-Nazis are on the march, and they’re after your private property rights. Oh, and they also want complete control of the world’s most important reso...
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