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The Pokemon Palpitoad Podcast is a pokemon podcast where we talk about pokemon news, pokemon anime and the pokemon video games. We also host giveaways, so give us a listen and visit pokemon.com for all the latest pokemon news. Also email us at pokemonpalpitoad@gmail.com.

Our Favorite Games of 2016

In this episode we discuss our favorite games of 2016. This includes the popular Pokemon Go and the main series Pokemon games.
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Rowlet on Steroids

In this episode we talk about the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer. We also talk about the recent Pokemon Giveaways and Pokemon Go. The Pokemon of the...
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Revealed

In this episode we talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon. We also talk about pokemon bank and the virtual console games. The pokemon of the episode is Raich...
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Tyrunt and Amaura

In this episode we talk about the downloadable Dragonite. We also talk about the pokemon Tyrunt and Amaura. This episode also covers our teams in Poke...
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Top Nintendo Games of 2014

In this episode we talk about our favorite Nintendo games of 2014. Some of these games include Super Smash Wii U, Mario Kart Wii U and Pokemon Omega R...
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