Politics Is Personal

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Interviews with people in Chicago and Illinois politics, asking, "Why are you in this business?"

Episode 15 - Stacy Davis Gates

Stacy Davis Gates, Vice President of the Chicago Teacher Union, is a bit of a rabble rouser. Lately, she and her union have been in the news, as they ...
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Episode 14 - John Daley

John R. Daley, scion of THE Daley family, does work in politics. He’s a lobbyist. But he’s also a few more things. A one-time tea shop owner. Founder ...
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Episode 13 - Mark Payne

Mark Payne is one of those guys who makes the gears turn. You’re probably not looking for him, but if you see him working, the words “engine” and “mov...
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Episode 12 - Alejandra Moran

Alejandra Moran has managed press and communications for many, many Latino politicians in Illinois. But she started on the other side of the microphon...
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Episode 11 - Tarrah Cooper

Tarrah Cooper believes Chicago is the best city in the nation. In just three generations, her family went from sharecroppers to senior advisor to the ...
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Episode 10 - Lucy Moog

Sometimes it seems like 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeman Lucy Mohg has had a role in just about every part of North Side politics. Originally from La...
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Episode 9 - Joanna Klonsky

For years, Joanna Klonsky staffed long-shot campaigns and causes, because she believed in them, knowing full well they had a slim chance of succeeding...
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Episode 8 - Kim Walz

Some people, like Kim Walz, found their love of politics in a small town. Kim’s story reminds us that few of us have a direct path in life, and that m...
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Episode 7 - Mike Kreloff

Mike Kreloff's career has been remarkable. He was the prototype “Lakefront Liberal” on the North Side’s Rogers Park back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Then,...
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Episode 6 - Elaine Nekritz

Elaine Nekritz is arrestingly sincere. That might have made it hard for her to be successful in politics, but during her 14 year career in the Illinoi...
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