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A group of people chattin' it up about nerd topics; video games, anime, manga, and the internet.

Episode 5

In which we talk about conventions, rights within Fandoms, cosplay troubles, don't go to pahrump, and Moon Moon.Those included are: Afiyah, Chris, and...
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Episode 4

In which Natalie joins us, how to make a real post-apocalyptic show, Sega makes laptops,"I AM THE QUEEN OF DRAGONS.", and why rock melons?Those includ...
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Episode 3

In which we don't "stay on topic", users NamelessShameless and Mangochannel join us, Slender spends too much time in the pool, tumblrbot is a person, ...
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Episode 2

In which we talk about video games, "jigga-byte", anime re-dubs, Skyrim mods, and Amy sends us a shit ton of gifs. Those included are: Chris, Afiya, C...
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Episode 1

In which we talk about adaptations, nightmares and dreams, A Simple Walk into Mordor, and about how we lost two hours of recording.Those included are:...
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