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Comedian Pat Oates talks about everything in his life. Whatever is on his mind, he rants about in a hilarious and passionate manner. This show is about Pat. Even when joined by producer Brandon Smith or comedian guests, Pat keeps the focus on his views and thoughts. Everyone else is just along for the hysterical ride. Pat discusses being a struggling comic, a father, a writer and anything that catches Pat's attention. What makes Pat Oates sad will make you belly laugh and think. Subscribe today and be part of it.

POS: Mike Falade & John Montague

Topics include wedgie give lady a buttload of problems, Toby Keith, Skeleboner, white news anchor fired for wearing afro and more. Weed enthusiast Mik...
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POS: Brandon Smith

Topics include ACLU gender neutralizing an RBG quote, name of area in UK banned from Facebook for supposedly being hateful and sexual, man gets caught...
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POS: Alex Castagne

Topics include AOC at Met Gala, Bobby's potty problems, 15 or 19, Pat has a new game called Morning Would, helping inner city youth find new sports an...
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POS: Sammy & Pat George

Topics include Steve from Blues Clues, Trump doing boxing commentary on 9/11. Shane Gillis's new special 15 or 19 animal edition and more. Comedian Pa...
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POS: Pete Angelo

Topics include frozen sperm twins born on different days, boy dedicates game to dead dad and loses, 15 or 19, Gattaca question and more. Comedian Pete...
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POS: Crip and Dan Brown

Topics include baseball sex offender, Lady Gaga's dog walker needs a van, Pat gets told an old joke by an old fan, new edition of 15 or 19 and more. C...
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