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The Broken System

Our system is currently corrupt for our future generation. In the world of education and school. We are teaching are kinds to be slaves to society and...
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KOD( Kids On Drugs)

Drug addictions is a huge problem in today's society and it is hurting our youth today. Many kinds are dying from drug overdoes or are going along tha...
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Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is so important today that we need to make sure that we are aware of our level of mental health and in this episode I will share my stor...
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Breaking Barriers In Fashion

Fashion is a big part of our culture and society today. It tells a story or it may tell who you are as far as character and it displays your own uniqu...
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Invisible Emotions

I always thought that showing my emotions would make me weak. That crying and showing my true self of who I am would make me seem that I am not strong...
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Fear In Me

Fear is something that holds us back from a lot of things in life and we need to be able to overcome that fear or it will be hard to take chances in o...
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The Key to Love

Love can be complex but its like a game and contains two main parts: Loving yourself and Compromise". Within these to only than can you really find pe...
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Darkest Moments Intro

For this episode it is mostly an introduction of this season for the rest of the 10 episodes please enjoy and I love you all. That will go deep into w...
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