Pretty Good Girls


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Two Girls. One City. Zero Qualifications!! Eboni and Cassandra are a couple of friends chatting about life, work, love, dating, parenting and trying to have a lot of fun along the way!

Lookin' for Luv, Child

It's almost Gasparilla Race Day and Eboni is NOT looking forward to it. The Pretty Good Girls attend a "Galatine's Day" event and how excellent Cassie...
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On Legacy, Curls and Snooping

Pretty Good Girls honor the 9 victims who lost their lives in the helicopter crash in LA and discuss funeral programs and burial options. (It's not as...
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Boundaries and A Black Billionaire

Note from the Pretty Good Girls: Welcome back and so sorry for the delay!! Life happens but we are so happy to be back with you this week! The Pretty ...
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Girl Talk

The Pretty Good Girls have kicked off 2020 with some fun and a lot of GIRL TALK! They are joined by Special Guest #PrettyGoodGirlFriend Meco @glitter1...
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Reflect & Resolve

Pretty Good Girls Eboni and Cassandra bring us up to date on their trip on the North Pole Express and introduce their first #PrettyGoodGuest, @jay_noe...
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Gender Identity & Big Ol' Booties

Cassandra's Christmas tree is up, but it has one major flaw. Eboni has a major Adulting FAIL this week. The Pretty Good Girls chat about Gender Identi...
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New Name, New Energies

Eboni and Cassandra check in with each other about their time away from Tampa and visiting with family. They also discuss their adulting moment of the...
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