Pub Dread


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A comedy podcast that covers all things true crime, paranormal, and everything in between. Fueled by craft beer and inappropriate laughter.

Back With Burps

We hope you enjoy this little *taste* of what's to come in the new year. THE HIATUS IS OVER!  New year, new beer, new Pub Dread.
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Episode 20: Sheeping and Storming

Get in loser, we're doing butt stuff! But before that, the girls are enjoying an out of this world brew: UFO White Ale by Harpoon Brewery. Grab this r...
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Episode 19: Creationism and Canids

With the recent full moon, it's time to tear off your human skins and devour the Farmer’s Daughter by People’s Brewing Company whilst howling at the m...
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Episode 17: SciFi and Psychology

It's opposite day here at Pub Dread and boy is it a treat. Not only has Sam got a more gruesome story than Kat, but she has also somehow found the wor...
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