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Podcast by Ray Baker

Justin Hansford

On this episode Ray talks with Justin Hansford of Howard University Law School about the role prosecutors play in reforming the criminal justice syste...
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Shawna Murray - Browne

On this episode Ray talks with Shawna Murray-Browne. They discuss healing and the way it has been and can be used for liberation for Black and other m...
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Heber Brown III

On this episode Ray talks with Pastor Heber Brown III of the Black Church Food Security Network. They discuss 21st century social justice ministry. Th...
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Public Agenda- Treva Lindsey

On this episode Ray talks with Dr. Treva Lindsey of The Ohio State University. They discuss Black progressive women of the 21st century and compare th...
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Public Agenda- DJ Chubb E Swagg

On this episode Ray talks with DJ Chubb E Swagg about the death of Nipsey Hussle and just what his loss means for hip-hop and the South Los Angeles Co...
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Public Agenda- G. Derek Musgrove

On this episode Ray talks with Dr. G. Derek Musgrove of UMBC about Black politics. Their conversation focuses on the intense and often inconsistent sc...
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Public Agenda - Eugene Puryear

On this episode of Ray talks with Eugene Puryear about social justice. They discuss dismantling oppressive systems that have made life more difficult ...
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Public Agenda - Tony Lewis Jr

On this episode Ray talks with author and activist Tony Lewis Jr. about mass incarceration. They discuss the recent First Step Act, returning citizens...
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