Quick Takes: A podcast by physicians, for physicians


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Every year physicians and residents encounter a growing number of patients — and a shrinking amount of time to keep up-to-date on new practices or legislation surrounding the field of mental health and addiction. Now, with the help of Dr. David Gratzer, Continuing Professional and Practice Development Site Coordinator at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, you can receive your clinical education on-the-go as he and his guests take these current policies and practices and summarize them for you. As an educator, Dr. David Gratzer has been recognized by students and peers alike for his ability to take complex topics and present them in a concise and interesting way. He’s been doing this with a variety of articles related to psychiatry since 2012 in his popular blog, Readings of the Week. Now, in this new show, Dr. Gratzer brings his analytical skills on-air and, with the help of other experts, presents them in short, easily digestible, podcasts. Give him just a few minutes of your time for each episode and come away with strategies and insight on how each topic could affect your practice — and your patients.