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Racer’s Edge Podcast hosts personal interviews with the barrel racing industry’s leading trainers, competitors and industry influentials to better understand where they came from and highlight their unique and individual journeys to success. Barrel racing is filled with peaks, valleys, and most importantly moments. The Racer’s Edge crew dedicates their energy and efforts to share these moments with our audience on our growing digital platforms. The new season of Racer’s Edge will premiere in January of 2019 on Ride TV and Ride TV Go. Stay connected and follow Racer’s Edge on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and always remember to check out racersedge.blog for each episode’s show notes!

21: Ryann Pedone | Road to the NFR

If you were following the end of the crazy 2020 WPRA season, Ryann Pedone was a name that came up often. Ryann was the Cinderella story of September h...
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