Real Fitness For Real People


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Jordan McWhirter hosts an honest look at the health and fitness industry. Through personal and professional experiences, he helps real people find realistic strategies to improve themselves and their fitness.

Hips and Veg - Ep 054

Jordan gives some insight into common issues that he sees with people attempting to do hip exercises, along with ways to do them better. He also gives...
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Blueberry Analogy - Ep 053

In this episode Jordan shares a very delicious and very simple sauce recipe, his belief in reasons versus excuses, and talks about the pros and cons o...
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Rebranding - Ep 051

Jordan begins some new segments and discusses a fresh start for this podcast. You will hear about a simple home-cooked recipe, as well as answers to t...
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Golf Specialist - Ep 049

Jordan shares his experience in the Golf Fitness industry as well as details how he got to where he is as a Golf Specialist.
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Passion for Food - Ep 048

Jordan works through some nutrition and fitness concepts. The episode culminates in a wonderful realization about the difference between crafting food...
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Coach Jordan - Ep 046

Jordan does a self-interview to re-introduced himself to long time listeners, and to properly introduce himself to all of the new listeners
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