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All things real estate and property. Hosted by Scotty North, qualified property advisor, buyers agent and leading authority on real estate cycles. Cut through the hype and up-sell to hear Scotty discuss Real topics with Real people. Real Property Real Wealth is for investors and owners alike, so grab a drink and get some down-to-earth advice for your real estate transactions.

How to get the banks to say YES!

This week Scotty chats to Award Winner and author, Caroline Jean-Baptist of Mortgage Choice. Caroline helps her clients achieve their home ownership g...
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March 2021 Stock Market Recap

PJ Patterson joins Scotty North to break down the activities of the last months stock market. Find out what is hot and what is not. Where is the marke...
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It's Raining Cash!

Scotty is joined by Andrew Dickson from Altitude Finance to ask why is it so much easier right now, to get a loan. Find out what has changed, what the...
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Embrace the Bubble

Like it or not, a bubble is here. So what are you going to do about it? PJ Patterson joins Scotty North to discuss the expanding markets and how you g...
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