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Creating Better Habits for Realtors! This podcast will teach realtors: * How 2 Put Prospecting On Autopilot * How 2 DO what they SHOULD be doing * How 2 Increase Productivity * How 2 Create Lasting Motivation * How 2 Stop Feeling Overwhelm What good are tools and resources if they are not used consistently or if agents are not taught the right habits to maximize them? Because of this, you have 3 major problems in real estate that frustrate the heck out of us! * There is an 87% failure rate * Only 10% of agents make over $100,000 - and that’s after 15 years! * Agents have so many amazing resources to succeed, but they don’t take action on them as they should be, to go to the next level We are the HOW2GUYS, and we are the human behavior and habit experts that specifically focus on real estate professionals to solve these problems above. This show is sponsored by our FREE MASTERCLASS all about The ONE thing you need to GROW your real estate business. If you’ve struggled with doing what you know you should be doing in your real estate business, this class is for you. You know, everything in your business is easier when you have the right habits. If you want to know what it takes to create Top Producer habits, this step-by-step masterclass is for you.

Episode #68 - Moving The Goal Post

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