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As Reel Fools, we dissect and discuss what we believe are essential films.

Ep #113: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Fools post their FINAL EPISODE with the movie of all movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's been a fun ride and we hope you like this episode. Than...
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Ep #112: Annie Hall

The Fools welcome back Woody Allen in his 1977 classic comedy, Annie Hall. It's Alvy Singer over here! And Godfather and Goodbar alum Diane Keaton as ...
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Ep #111: Spartacus

The Fools welcome back a reluctant Stanley Kubrick and an enthusiastic Kirk Douglas and we go ape in the 1960 epic cinematic classic, Spartacus, a sil...
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Ep #110: Groundhog Day

The Fools are in Punxsutawney on February 2nd, again, goofing on Harold Ramis and Bill Murray and their more-than-just-a-comedy film of 1993, Groundho...
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Ep #109: Gravity (2013)

The Fools are free falling with Sandy and George in the 2013 film, Gravity, and the Professor shares his fond memories of his work in The Net and Apol...
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Ep #107: Star Wars (1977)

The Fools finally tackle the Force and George Lucas' 1977 space adventure, Star Wars, and remember what it felt like to see this film for the first ti...
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Ep #106: First Blood

The Fools explore the wonderful world of John J. Rambo, terrorist of the small town of Hope, Washington, in Sly's 1982 action adventure, First Blood.
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Ep #105: Goodfellas

The Fools finally goof on Scorsese's most entertaining film, Goodfellas. Yes it's all fun and yucks until the Professor relapses and snorts a bit too ...
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