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In each episode, we discuss the features, facts, fads and films of a particular year and interview listeners who share their own stories.

Episode 17: 1993

1993 was a big year for a popular radio personality, beginning in New York, and witnessed the demise of many beloved performers. Skirt lengths were un...
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Episode 16: 2012

In 2012 we survived the end of the world, lost the voice of an angel, and got our Star Wars hopes set high.   Mars becomes a bit less foreign, we lear...
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Episode 15: 1840

Why 1840, you ask?  Listen as Mattie Garcia tells us an amazing, heartfelt story about his first trip out to sea-and how a book shaped his dreams.  
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Episode 14: Special Interest Topic

Listen to two very intelligent and passionate women speak about their convictions about the topic of adoption.  Each will tell her own story. Also, vi...
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Episode 13: 1949

Listen as we take a trip back to 1949 and talk about how and when the term "Murphy's Law" was coined.  Tiphaine Boyer tells us two stories that epitom...
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Episode 11: These Are Our Stories

For our first episode of 2017, we wanted to share some of our own stories!  Join us as we attempt to interview an old, special friend and share some o...
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Happy New Year 2017

Rewind's friend, fan club president, and #1 fan, Teri, reads a special Christmas story for you and tells you about her Mystery Christmas activities.
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Episode 10: 1980

1980 was a year that saw much political change, fraud that stripped awards from several women, and upcoming hall of fame athletes.  We witnessed a "li...
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Episode 9: Mutual Mentoring

Kay and I both work for the University of Alaska's Kodiak College.  Education is extremely important to both of us.  For this reason, we gladly gave u...
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