River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation


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Sermons from our ministers, Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd and Rev. Louise Green

For Good

What does it mean to be good? To do good? What does it mean to choose something “for good” or on behalf of “the greater good?” This service will playf...
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How It Feels to Be Free

As we put in the work to bring about the Beloved Community, we take pause to explore what Freedom, Justice, and Liberty really mean in our daily lives...
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Divine Play

In sacred Hindu scriptures, did you know that all things are created through the playtime of the gods? Not the intention or the planning or the due di...
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The Doctrine of Dolly

We’ll be joined by our awesome Affiliated Community minister this week for a shared reflection on the theology and wisdom of that saint of our time - ...
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Going to the Rising of the Sun

Join us for our annual Spring Music Service, “Going to the Rising of the Sun.” Enjoy spoken and musical reflections on our shared experience of emergi...
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Stories as Doorways

How do the stories we tell shape the future? Is it possible that our stories can be portals or gateways into some new reality we haven’t yet created? ...
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Trapped in Simple Stories

Human beings are storytelling creatures, but sometimes our stories have a way of getting too simple. Sometimes we let the conventional telling of a s...
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Ring the Bells that Still Can Ring

This service will serve as a time honor and remember all that we have lost in the last year.  It will be a time to grieve,  to give praise, and to be...
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