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This is the Podcast of RiverSide Church. Recorded live at 3045 Richardson Bridge Road Princeton, NC 27569. The usual speaker is Preacher Kevin Phillips. For more information please check us out online at www.RiverSideFWB.com

Psalm 38

Continuing in our Summer of Psalms, we look and unpack Psalm 38 together.  David writes this Psalm in the middle of a hard time.  Have you ever prayed...
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1 Timothy 2

A short devotion, taught at The River.  One night before a business meeting, Pastor Kevin taught 1 Timothy 2.  This chapter is greatly considered cont...
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1 Samuel 7 Ebenezer

Have been in so much trouble, that you had no choice but to turn to God?  In this chapter of 1 Samuel, the people of Israel are in so much trouble tha...
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1 Samuel 6

In 1 Samuel 6, we examine how God treats his people.  After going "on tour" in the Philistine territory, the Glory of God returns to Israel.  In the p...
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Psalm 18

In Psalm 18 we read of David calling out to God, who hears his cry.  Have you ever cried to God from the depths of your soul?  Have you faced a crisis...
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1 Samuel 5

The Ark of God has been captured, and placed in the house of Dagon.  The kingdom of the Philistines can now use it as a trophy and an token of their v...
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1 Samuel 4

Names like Ichobod and Ebeneezer are in this chapter.  These old names mean something.  In this chapter we examine the church at Shiloh and how God re...
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