Room For Error - Big 12 and Big 10 athletics

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Two brothers from Iowa spewing hot takes. College/Fantasy football enthusiasts with a focus on the midwest. Everything we say is obviously spot on and we have never been wrong about a single thing in our lives. Except Dan, let's all laugh at Dan.

Room For Error (S2) - Episode 2

WE HAVE SEC AND BIG 10 FOOTBALL! Its been a couple week since the boys were on. The Big 12 looks like a little league conference and the Pac 12 is goi...
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Room For Error (S2) - Episode 1

WE. ARE. BACK.  The boys are back after a long hiatus. Join them as they tackle some tough subjects and then dive into the college football realm. Thi...
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Room For Error - Episode 16

KU VS K STATE FIGHT DEBATE! THE BOYS TAKE OPPOSITE SIDES. If you are looking for some optimism when it comes to Iowa State basketball, this is definit...
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Room For Error - Episode 15

LIVE WATCH EPISODE!! Listen to Cole and Dan as they dive into the rat trap that is Iowa State basketball. Lots of coaching carousel talk during halfti...
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Room For Error - Episode 14

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! IT'S THE FIRST ANNUAL UGLY SWEATER PARTY! The boys sit down to discuss bowl games, basketball outlook around Iowa, the Big 12 and Bi...
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Room For Erorr - Episode 13

WHISKEY!!! The boys lead the show off with a fun cocktail of the month. A very "off the cuff" episode comes through on this rendition. Cole and Dan ca...
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Room For Error - Episode 12

It's the most wonderful time of the year, CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!!! The boys and a special guest discuss some heartbreak with the hometown team ...
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Room for Error - Episode 11

Kaepernick, Tua, an apology, and fair weather fans. The college football landscape is in the process of a seismic shift and the NFL has some head scra...
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Room For Error - Episode 10

The boys fire it back up after a bye week for the local teams. Heartbreak and chaos ensue with a tough battle in Norman and a late flurry of scores in...
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Room For Error - Episode 9

The local Iowa teams are on a bye week. With a lot of psychological angles to consider, Iowa and Iowa State face huge challenges that the guys dive in...
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