Salty Sumdays


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Why you always gotta be so mad? Um, sir, because I am. DUH! Salty Sumdays touches on various topics from the perspective of a single black woman in Los Angeles. Society says “you're salty” or in other words, you’re a hater but we are here to rationalize haterism with logic and intellect after well deserved rants.


Fanci and Ki discuss Queen Latifah, morning routines, and keeping up with the Joneses.
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Black Table Talk

Fanci and Ki discuss Jada Pinkett Smith, goal setting strategies, and blind dates. 
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Hit It Again

Fanci and Ki discuss their experience at the H.E.R. concert, growing up in the dance world, and baby daddies. 
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Fanci and Ki discuss their toxic traits, mini-vacations, and pool privilege.
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Definitely Slave Like

Fanci and Ki discuss the results of a juice cleanse, older men dating younger women, and greiving relationships.  
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Ya'll Be Cappin'

Fanci and Ki discuss new music, getting rid of cable, and hella promo with no product. 
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