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Scottish Football Fan pressure group

TWM Episode32

David Low on the Celtic Trusts' innovative solution to clubs' dilemma on how to give fans value for the money paid for no-show season tickets. And a g...
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TWM Episode31

John speaks to Stuart Wallace (@srwallace1), Chairman of the Foundation of Hearts (@The_FOH), about the success of the fans group over the last decade...
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TWM Episode30

This episode is the first in a multi-part series and explores the holy grail of football fans - ownership of their club. In part one, John Cole talks ...
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TWM Episode 29

David Low as the Chair of the Celtic Trust on issues surrounding season ticket refunds, and on league reconstruction
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TWM Episode 28

David Low on life after the virus, the futility of the charges against the SPFL officials and the possibilities for massive change in the game, some f...
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TWM Episode 27

Andrew Smith, Chair of the Scottish Football Supporters' Association (SFSA) on Covid 19, the SPFL controversy, and the future of Scottish Football
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TWM Episode 26

David Low on THAT resolution, the outcome, and the prospects for survival for Scottish clubs
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TWM Episode 25

SURVIVAL! David Low talks about the ramifications of COVID19 for football in Scotland, and how ending the season sooner rather than later is an existe...
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TWM Episode 24

David Low (@Heavidor) talks about the revival of foreign interest in Scottish clubs, and why Rangers won't be one of them - for now.
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