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A weekly conversation with independent media producers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Episode 82: Elizabeth Spencer

Meet Elizabeth Spencer, creator and co-host (with me, her mother) of That's a Thing?!, "a sometimes belated, already outdated guide to your teens, twe...
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Episode 81: Kat Griffiths

Meet Kat Griffiths (again!), a fangirl of the highest order who shines a light on the artists who make the songs she loves with a podcast called Start...
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Episode 80: Dan Shessel

Meet Dan Shessel, co-host and co-creator of the Northern Nerdcast, a showcase for the geeky, nerdy people, groups and events in and around the Edmonto...
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Episode 79: Press Start to Join

Meet Josh Shenfield and Alan Techsmith, two prolific nerds who talk about video games, movies, TV, comics and "more geekery than you can shake a joyst...
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Episode 78: Meredith Bratland

Meet Meredith Bratland, a writer and traveller who has turned her curiosity about people from elsewhere into a podcast called Migration Patterns. Mere...
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Episode 77: Meetup with Doug Hoyer

Doug Hoyer has written more Edmonton podcast music than anyone I know, even though he doesn't live here any more. So when he came back to Edmonton for...
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Episode 75: Caleb Caswell

Meet Caleb Caswell, who combines his background in journalism and music to have sincere conversations about Edmonton's music scene on The Tear Down. C...
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Episode 74: Sylvia Schneider

Meet Sylvia Schneider, co-host of the Equinely-Inclined podcast for Canada's horse community, and a pioneer of Alberta podcasting. Sylvia wanted to do...
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