Self-Care Prescriptions


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Self-Care has gone mainstream. We see it everywhere from magazines to podcasts and social media. Everyone says we need more of it. Therapists and life coaches claim that self-care will make life more enjoyable and less stressful. But what is self-care, really? How does it work? Who is it for? And how can anyone possibly fit it into an already jam packed schedule? In this podcast, clinical psychologist Dr. Robyn Gobin provides a fresh perspective on the definition of self-care, explores why it’s essential, how to make time for it, and how self-care benefits you and your loved ones. Tune in for your weekly dose of self-care where you’ll hear honest conversations and learn practical tips on taking better care of yourself--mind, body, and spirit. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Dr. Robyn L. Gobin's website YouTube channel, Facebook & Instagram (@drrobyngobin).

Self-care While Working from Home

Given the current pandemic, many people are finding their work lives turned upside down by having to work from home. Because we're creatures of habit,...
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Self-Care In Times of Uncertainty

When the future seems uncertain and unpredictable, it’s normal to feel fearful and overwhelmed, but you don’t have to stay that way! In this week’s ep...
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Overcoming Rejection

Everyone experiences the pain of rejection at some point in their life whether it’s from being passed over for a career opportunity, being left out of...
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The Art of Letting Go

When we’ve been disrespected, wronged, or emotionally hurt by a friend, partner, or family member, it’s easy to feel justified in holding a grudge. In...
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Saying No.... Is Self-Care

Dr. Robyn L. Gobin talks about how saying no is a form of self-care and why it's ok, and in fact better for us, to be able to say NO and how saying no...
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Self-Care and Social Media

Dr. Robyn L. Gobin is weighing in on the pros and cons of social media? How might self-care be useful to practice with social media? Also, she is givi...
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