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Join Michael and Kevin as they discuss just about everything, including stuff that they weren't planning to.

Stargate SG-1

Michael and Kevin have traveled millions of light years to let you know that you should not make a 90-minute television pilot. Join us for Stargate SG...
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Friends is one of the most popular TV series of all time. Does the pilot live up to the fame?
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This time, we dive into the unnecessarily complex world of Astrology. In addition to the history of horoscopes and their effects on the world, we also...
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After a short life-break, we are back with a new episode! Thanks to everyone who has been listening so far. "Up, up, and away!" That's what people are...
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Whatever you like to call it, everyone knows that soda is a staple of US consumer culture. So come sit down, crack open a nice cold beverage, and join...
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In our angriest episode yet, we rant heavily about our favorite ad-targeting service: Facebook! Oh, apparently they have social media features as well...
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Let's ride! In this equine episode, we dive into the world of all things horse. Join us as we discuss how horses have shaped human history, famous hor...
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In the first episode of Semi On Topic, Michael and Kevin discuss the end-times. Which apocalypse is your favorite? See how it rates on our (essentiall...
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