Separated At Birth

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Calvin Richard and Chad Nelson take on the complex issue of race relations in a world determined to mess them up.

Episode 12

The twins discuss the NFL anthem policy (from a different angle), the recent Rosanne news and other stuff people talk about but not like everyone else...
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Episode 11

The twins go live with their discussion of "This Is America" by Childish Gambino and much more. Race matters through a Biblical lens.
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Episode 9

Twins Calvin and Chad get deep into politics (Kanye), sports and two TABOO subjects on today's show. You'll be uncomfortable and glad you are.
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Episode 8

Twins Calvin and Chad discuss race issues of the day including Kanye, how to start conversations when we disagree and even what should govern these co...
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Episode 7

The twins get into the obstacles of perception versus benefit of the doubt, celebrity platforms, the challenges of identity and much more. This one ge...
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Separated at Birth - Episode 6

The twins get into some DEEP stuff including recent news, observing culturally perceived racism from different perspectives, marketing shortsightednes...
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