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Welcome to our Investments & Insights podcast! Join us and our Chief Investment Officer, Russell Moenich, for an inside look at the financial markets and how to preserve your wealth and plan for the future. We cover everything from wealth planning, investments and the financial markets, advice from Certified Financial Advisors (CFP®) and more. Listen and share today! Available on your favorite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

Episode 12: History of Recessions

Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan discuss the differences in previous recessions, and more importantly, what's different today versus what's...
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Episode 10: What is A Recession?

Join Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan to learn about recessions and what they could mean for your future. Let's dive right in to the basics...
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Episode 8: Is FinTech Useful?

In this podcast, Alex Rupert with Sequoia Financial Group, will be discussing “Finance Apps”, also known as “Fintech” and how they can be used to comp...
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