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If life is a ball of yarn, then these two dudes would be the kittens, playfully unraveling it on the throw rug in your living room. Fireplace optional.

Episode 37: Some Are Friends

Episode 37 Topics include: –OMG! Click Here To See Justin Getting Sued! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!  –We are the loving saboteurs –Travel –So...
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Episode 34: Make Ups

Episode 34 [featuring Kalyn Kratzer] Topics include: –Makeup –Societal expectations –Insecurities –Baldness –Charm –Gender roles   Click here to find ...
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Episode 33: In Guilt We Trust

Episode 33 Topics include: –Illicit corn dog sales –Bullwinkle and Bulldozer –(Don’t talk to) Cops –The timeline of corruption –Bullying –How doors wo...
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Episode 32: Black Bars

Episode 32 Topics include: –Censorship –Art –[Name redacted] and [Name redacted] –Media responsibilities –Satan   Follow these links for some context:...
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Episode 31: Forever Spinning

Episode 31 Topics include: –The introduction of a new SI segment, “Bring Bring, Motherfuckers” –Rides for an American themed amusement park –Conspirac...
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Episode 30: Domus

Episode 30 Topics include: -Justin makes new friends over lunch -SI’s favorite fictional characters -Justin birded -Stackin’ dogs -Our history is fict...
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