Seven Wonders of the Microbe World - for iPad/Mac/PC


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What is a microbe and what have they ever done for us? From Black Death to Cholera, and Syphilis to Typhoid, microbes have been responsible for some of the world’s most devastating diseases. But they have also provided the human race with the technological advances of genetic engineering and nitrogen fixation, the vision of life on Mars, the life-saving properties of antibiotics and food preservation, along with the wonderful taste of beer. Using expert commentary, animation and stylised visuals, these videos provide an engaging introduction to microbiology, by examining the impact microbes have had on humans through a historical perspective, from Egyptian times to the present day.

History of Beer

In this video we look at the origins of beer and brewing in Ancient Egypt, and the role microbes play in the process.
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Black Death

This video looks at the microbial origins of the Black Death.
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Food Preservation

How do microbes destroy the food that we eat and how has humankind sought out different ways of preserving foodstuffs? 
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Nitrogen Fixation

This video examines just how critical microbes are to life on Earth with their role in nitrogen fixation – providing the essential elements that we ne...
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In this video experts reveal how the natural processes of microbes are used to fight disease.
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Genetic Engineering

This video explores the ways in which humans are learning to exploit microbes to produce medicines, fuel and food.
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Life on Mars

This video examines how the discovery and examination of microbes in meteorites suggests that the planet Mars could have supported life in the same wa...
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