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Join Dr. Kathy Stepien from The Institute For Physician Wellness at to learn how to go from merely surviving to actually thriving in the life you have worked so hard to create. Dr. Stepien is all about physician wellness. As a busy pediatrician, physician coach and mom, she understands what it is like to be a woman in medicine. In 2016, she founded The Institute for Physician Wellness and has supported thousands of physicians across the US and Canada on their path to well-being. Through her knowledge and experience, she will help you unleash the power of your mindset so that you can step into the vision you have for your work and life; To create a life by design rather than default. Are you ready to start living your version of a life well-lived? Let’s get started!

Finding Self-Compassion - Ep 005

Today Kathy is going to be talking about one of her favorite topics: self-compassion. Learning this is a superpower that benefits all of us and everyo...
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