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We have pub conversations about relevant sport topics.

Bree Masters Interview

Host Brandon McMahon is joined by Olympic hopeful Bree Masters. They discuss Bree's transition from beach running to track running and the effect Covi...
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ShedPress Round 2

Brando and Jacko touch over the Corona Virus then drop into their reactions from the weekend. Look for Brando's Best Bet and Jacko's repeat set at the...
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Top 5 Bucket List Sport Events

Brandon welcomes Resident Kiwi Connor Faulkner back from his travels. The boys talk about the sporting events around the world they would most like to...
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Rugby Union/League Hybrid Match

Brandon is joined by the pirate Sam Ross and resident kiwi Connor Faulkner. The boys discuss the possibility of a Rugby League/Union Hybrid match betw...
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Chicken or the Egg.

Co-hosts Brandon McMahon and Connor Faulkner discuss NRL halfback markets and the Australian Kangaroos 'Welcome to Country'. MLB has a new world serie...
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