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Aging gracefully" is SO 1999.She's Totally Awesome is the podcast is for the Gen X'ers woman who doesn't let ANYONE else’s definition of middle age stop her from getting out there and doing what she loves. She does what she loves DESPITE the number of birthdays she's had.The host, Mary Black, is a an early X’er and lifestyle coach, blogger, 2X Strongman competitor, an eternal optimist and a retired sled dog racer. Having over FIVE decades of birthdays and spending 22 years standing on the back of a dog sled for over 100,000 miles taught her some incredible life lessons to share with you so you can get out and live life to the fullest and find your purpose and passion at ANY Age.At She's Totally Awesome we believe aging gracefully is SO 1999, and we are drop-kicking the idea that 50 is old out the window and we bring you inspiring stories of how Mary and other GenX women are living life to the fullest in middle age and beyond.”Age is a number, being old is a mindset”. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Stop Settling, Start Manifesting

I recorded a "quickie" episode on my way to work to share how I manifested a new job, even though I wasn't quite ready for it. But guess what? I'm hav...
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Pursue Your Goal(s) At Any Age

Think you're too old to still go after your dreams? Don't let your age stop you...let it PULL you. I became a personal trainer a year ago at the age o...
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F*#k It Friday 7.3.20

I'm not in my car today...I'm parked on my back deck! Today I am giving you permission to chuck your 2020 goal(s) into the F it bucket and reset it LO...
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Have To vs. Get To

Change the narrative of "I have to ________" do something to "I GET to _______" and see how the energy around it changes. See for pr...
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F*#k It Fridays 6.26.2020

NEW FEATURE! Friday's casual episodes from my Xterra have been renamed "F*#k It Fridays". Today we are chucking into the f it bucket, the idea of perf...
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You Got This Girl!

Monday's with Mary: if you haven't figured it out yet, you don't need anyone else to believe in you. YOU can believe in you. You got this girl! See ac...
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