Side Hustle Rage


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SIDE HUSTLE RAGE WEBSITE: Hustle Rage Podcastis a podcast for side-hustlers created by Carmen Reed-Gilkison, who found that this demographic is highly underserved in general. As a side-hustler herself, Carmen felt a little left out of the groups railing against traditional jobs. Going on 18 years in her corporate job, that she doesn't hate, she wanted to offer a different perspective.By interviewing other side-hustlers, she's been able to weave together a tapestry of side-hustle experiences that span the globe.Each interview is as unique as the person being interviewed. While there are many similar experiences, no two stories are the same. Each person sees the side-hustle through their own lens and shares their tips, tricks, frustrations, and wins with the rest. It's quite an amazing community.Welcome, and enjoy!Oh, and if you are a side-hustler who wants to be interviewed, please feel free to book a session: podcast is sponsored by Carmen's side-hustleLocally Rocks. Carmen helps brick and mortar business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to rock their social media marketing, ditch the overwhelm, and generate leads.