Simple, But Stupid

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Three college students, three microphones, one goal- To get famous and have fun doing it

Episode 12- Movie Theaters

On today's show, the boys share their best and worst experiences at the movie theater. Also, the color purple makes Gordon sick.
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Episode 11-Breakfast

On today's show, the boys figure out the best day for breakfast, and Gordon's trip to the hospital. Also, something about snow sculptures. 
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Episode 9- Coffee

On today's show, WE ARE BACK! We return from our hiatus and ramble about the UP, and we give starbucks a run for their money with new coffee ideas. 
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Episode 9- Thanksgiving

On today's show, the boys talk about their favorite topic-food! We talk about our favorite thanksgiving traditions, and give some of our world famous ...
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Episode 8- The Gordon Show

On today's show, we give Gordon the keys to the clown car. What happens next is still trying to be figured out. Apologies in advance. Buckle up and en...
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Episode 7-Halloween

On today's show, the A-21 Halloween spooktacular, filled with stories of candy, costumes, and Toilvo the yooper brings his U.P. fact of the day. 
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Episode 6- Business Ideas

On todays show, the boys come up with another way to make money, Derek gets annoyed by everything, and the U.P. is up for grabs. 
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Episode 5-Movies

On todays show, the boys become movie stars...sort of. Look out Disney, we're getting in the movie business, and we're kind of a big deal.
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Episode 4.5 More Clue!

On todays episode, the thrilling conclusion of Clue. Plus, more banter, and the BIG SNEEZE makes an appearance.
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