Sir Murray Rivers QC Aka Bryan Dawe

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Australian political satirist Bryan Dawe presents his outrageous alter ego: The Honourable Sir Murray Rivers QC (Retired)

For Whom the Bill Tolls

Sir Murray's view on the One Nation Party behaviour and his outrage at the Victorian Royal Commission into the Wallopers.
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Episode 7. The Higher One Climbs

Sir Murray Rivers 'Right of Reply' from the Melbourne Club. His Honour discusses the Turnbull treachery, lessons of history and corporate responsibili...
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Whatever it takes

Sir Murray Rivers QC from the Melbourne Club, discusses the discipline crisis within the Liberal Party. A radical solution is proposed by Retired Admi...
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Saving the Haberdasheries

Sir Murray Rivers QC from the Melbourne Cub responds to the Morrison Government's election policy on the environment. 
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