Sophisticated Stupidity


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This is a notorious yet hilarious podcast hosted by infamous idiots, Jorge Louis & Camilo Munoz. New episodes every Tuesday! Support this podcast:

Episode 78 - Jorge Buys a PS4

The boys talk about what we're excited about for 2020, Fousey's mysterious exit on the second season of the Reality House, and Jorge bought a PS4! ---...
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Episode 77 - 2020 Movie Preview

The boys talk about all if the biggest movies coming out this year from Sonic to SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run to Scoob and everything else! --- This e...
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Episode 74 - The Christmas Gift

The boys talk about Keemstar's clown makeup, the effects of COPPA, and Camilo surprises Jorge with a Christmas gift. --- This episode is sponsored by ...
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