Speaking of Nothing We Were Talking About


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Topical discussions and humor. Just a Brother and Sister chatting about whatever & cracking jokes.

Episode 9

Hey guys, it’s Anna and Alec and today we chat about recaps, the sink hole, politics and prescriptions.  Grab your coffee and hang out.
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Episode 8 The A-Team

Today we have a fun surprise!  We’re joined by our siblings to chat about Pumpkin farms, parenting, wedding recaps and music that makes us jam.
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Episode 7 Part 2

Hey this is Anna and Alec. Today we’re chatting about weddings, the olympics, Anna becoming a mom, what we’re currently watching, hunt a killer recap ...
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Episode 7 part 1

This episode we go down the rabbit hole and ask the age old question....  how many stories can we tell at once.  It’s like the inception of stories.  ...
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Episode 6

Alec and Anna chew the fat over the fact that there is a killer on the loose and we are the last hope of catching him or her.  Chat about the Limerick...
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Episode 5

This episode Anna tries to beatbox, and we sing all the lyrics wrong.  Wonder why we can’t find enough shows to binge when there is just so many optio...
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Episode 4

Today we ask the question, how many cats are too many?  We discuss the TV series that we can't get enough of and what we want more of.  And lastly, it...
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Episode 3

This week we talk about how we are never alone when Alexa is around.  The kids who are smarter than us and the things they say.  Followed with the mus...
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Episode 2

Grab your coffee, or vodka (you do you)...  This episode we recap the cafe moonshine experiment.  “Kick off the holidays” and dive into the apocalypse...
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Episode 1

“Speaking of nothing we were talking about” is a glimpse into this brother-sister duos world.  Alec and Annas whole lives they have bounced humor back...
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