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The Listening Room is your home for relaxing inspiration on all things practical and spiritual for your spiritual growth. With regularly scheduled episodes, you'll learn about the benefits of meditation, energetic downloads, the eternal power of Spirit and how to better infuse it into you life. Subscribe and receive your direct downloads right into your iTunes.

EP 216 Willing Your Way into Joy

Staying away from environments that are feeling hostile and unfriendly to you, can sometimes be the greatest steps you can take to your own personal e...
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EP 215 The Wisdom of Your Heart

During this time of the Lion's Gate Portal from August 8th - 12th, we will have the opportunity to really expand our hearts. Leo is representative of ...
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EP 214 Loving Yourself More

Remember that time when you were little, and getting along and fitting in with everyone was the most important thing in the world to you? Well, guess ...
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EP 213 The Release of Guilt

These lower feelings that we have within us can have the power to bring us down.  ​ But if you are aware of your own journey, your own path, you'll kn...
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EP 211 It Can Be a Lot Easier Now

If you so choose, you can rise and align and find yourself in an entirely new world without much effort having to be placed on all the things that you...
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EP 210 Facing Your Fear

When you know you're being gripped with fear about something, it's time to go in and see what is going on in there, and what it's all about. Yes, I kn...
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EP 208 Own Your Discontent

Things may not always be going your way. And when it doesn't, don't deny it. Instead, learn what it is that is driving you upward to receive more. ---...
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