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Join Psychic Medium, Samantha Jones, and her husband, artist and musician, Daniel Jones, for this weekly, hour long, listener interactive podcast about all things spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal, with a modern day twist.

Episode 117: The 5 Love Languages

In this weeks episode, Samantha & Danny chat about the 5 love language, how to learn what yours is and how to apply what you learn to help improve you...
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Episode 116: The 16 Personalities

In this weeks episode, Samantha & Danny chat about the science behind the 16 different personality types, what the different types are, what it means ...
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Episode 115: Can't Buy Me Love

In this weeks episode, Can't Buy Me Love, Samantha and Danny chat about how societies views of money cause issues for us as well as the way the u...
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Episode 109: Crystals 101

In episode 109, Crystals 101, Samantha and Danny discuss all things crystals including how to find the right ones for you,  how they work, how to clea...
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