Sstabhmontown Adventures

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We play old-school D&D, and we try to do it without being awful. Stories from the players of our open-table, drop-in game, plus discussion of roleplaying game and narrative theory, rules experiments, and more.

9: The Iron Golem

Deep in the dungeon, the party faces down the Iron Golem—after close calls too many to count—in their quest for the Tiara that The Enchantress keeps l...
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8: The Beholder

This week we get a whole gang together: Ferrius Yew, Lil' Sebastian, Benedict, Margaret, and Toc the Dwarf, to tell us about an incredible fight deep ...
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Running games for strangers

This week I had the opportunity to run a game for a whole group of new players in one of their homes. I thought I would share some of what I do to mak...
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5: Archibald and the Otyugh

This week Archibald Arborlax, bird watcher extraordinare, rejoined the party after many months away. In the dungeon, Archibald declared the monster li...
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The Basilisk (mini-episode)

We haven't had a chance to record stories lately, but here's a little treat about everyone's favourite monster, which we've been busy fighting within ...
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Toc the Dwarf and the Insect-adillo

This week, in the dungeon of the Enchantress' Museum, Toc the Dwarf did battle against a strange creature from the history of Dungeons & Dragons—suppl...
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