Story Tellers and Story Sellers

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Entertainment is like food for the brain. It is the window to culture and a great way to understand the world around us. The internet has changed what it means to be an entertainer, creating new storytellers with millions of fans. It has spawned a new breed, the story sellers, those behind the scenes creating the business for this ecosystem. They work with brands, platforms and channels who are keen to capitalize on an audience hungrier than ever for more stories. Join Vineet Kanabar as he has a ringside view of how stories are told and sold. He brings you creators, artists, executives and marketeers for a freewheeling conversation around the business of entertainment. Tune in to Story Tellers and Story Sellers for personal stories, analysis and criticism every Thursday on the IVM Podcast Network or wherever you find your podcast from.

Techno Gamerz ki Growth Strategy

On this episode, Vineet sits down to talk to Ujjwal Chaurasia, the youngest gaming creator with 20mn subscribers on YouTube. Ujjwal takes Vineet throu...
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Gamezop's Global Gaming Goals

On this episode, Vineet talks to Gaurav Agarwal, co-founder at Gamezop. Gamezop's unique business model brings together great gaming titles and platfo...
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Megha Rao's Poems to Calm Down To

On this episode, Vineet talks to Megha Rao, a writer, a poet and a performer who uses her words to express the beauty & the anguish of being a young w...
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The News Kids are Alright

On this episode, Vineet talks to Anya, Kavya and Trivik, the hosts of the IVM podcast, News Kids on the Block - three teenage Indian podcasters who ha...
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Peekay and Hyderabad Blues

On this episode, Vineet talks to Hyderabad based musician Peekay about her new song 'You Don't Have To.' Peekay also shares about building an inclusiv...
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