Such Conversations Matter (SCM)

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SCM is a collection of conversations that represents new global trends that will become commonplace in the next 5-7 years. SCM is also a collection of conversations that should be part of our daily discussions but aren't because of various reasons. SCM is a place where I talk to people who are niche experts and/or have developed expertise through their life experience. Hello everyone, I am Saurabh Nanda and I ask interesting questions. I was a Computer Engineer. I am now an Educator, a Career Consultant, a sustainability proponent, and an e-learning expert. These conversations started in my head in 2016 and the COVID-19 lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity to bring them to life. My guests are from all over the world. They are truly global citizens and believe in humanity above all. These conversations revolve around education, psychology, mental health, human rights, our society's structures, and much more. PS - All conversations are recorded on Skype/Zoom so please do not mind the audio quality and do provide your feedback. Enjoy :) #suchconversationsmatter #saurabhnanda Love SN