Tales To The Void


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Tales To The Void is an anthology series of original stories, and music.

Fly Boy

What does it take to make a dream come true? Determination, skill, maybe a little luck at the right time? Donnie Yates might discover it'll take all t...
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Biff Of The Apocalypse

When Devin finds out his friend has a new hobby, a mystery book club, he couldn't be happier for him. But secret cults and outer-dimensional horrors m...
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Slip Space Blues

The Glory Hound and her crew have accepted the task to capture an infamous criminal. Too bad for them, their prey, along with a few other interested p...
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A Step Backward

If you need a criminal caught, you call a cop. If you're trying to get something back without getting the law involved, you call Bet.
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The Generous Snowflake

Sure science can explain to us why and where snow falls. But what if there was something else? What if it had a more, personal, touch?
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The Long Drive

Young men and women have tested their mettle against the universe throughout the ages. Today, it’s Rez turn. Chasing down the payday of a lifetime in ...
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