Tall Americano


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Listen along to my thoughts of what I have learned so far in life, just like we would be sharing thoughts while sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee. Tall americano is my drink of choice, but I am also an American that is taller than average, six foot six. Most of my thoughts come from a mix of the business, marketing, and theology books I have read and how those ideas play out in my life.

Most heard story

The best story wins sometimes, but often it is the story we hear the most that wins. Even more so when we are the ones telling the story to ourselves....
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Not all systems are the same

Do systems exist to serve us or do we exist to serve the system? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rob-clark6/message
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Strong reminder from Kodak

How does a company who invents the first digital camera in 1975 fail to thrive in the age of digital cameras, Instagram, and documenting everyday mome...
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How to overcome the go-to excuse

Thinking about a phrase that I keep hearing that drives me crazy and how am I doing the same thing in my own life.  thisisrobclark@gmail.com --- Send ...
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Being good at not being good

When was the last time you did something for the first time? We need to take the advice we often give kids so we don't lose our creativity and impact....
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