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The podcast where tarot tells your story

Lauren Weatherall

In this special episode of Tarot Tales, I perform a reading for Lauren Weatherall, a marketing consultant and all-around good egg. The reading took pl...
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B.J. West

B.J. West is the creator of Story Forge cards, a tool for novelists, screenwriters, and RPG enthusiasts used to generate characters and story ideas. B...
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Jeff Kingfisher

Jeff Kingfisher is a songwriter and recording artist, arranger and producer, composer for film and orchestra, instrumentalist, vocalist, and audio eng...
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Gail Fairfield

In episode 7 of Tarot Tales, our featured guest is Gail Fairfield. She is the author of Choice-Centered Tarot and Choice-Centered Astrology. Both of t...
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James Wells

In episode 6 of Tarot Tales, I offer my top five decks! Am I really a tarot fuddy-duddy? Our featured guest this week is James Wells, a Toronto-based ...
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Lyn Birkbeck

In episode 5 of Tarot Tales, I gush about how much I love the 35th anniversary edition of Mary K. Greer‘s Tarot for Your Self. Along the way, I mentio...
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Lisa de St. Croix

In episode 4 of Tarot Tales, I offer a review of the surreal Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marcetti and Lee Bursten. The featured guest is the magical and l...
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Rose and Andrew Robinson

In episode 3 of Tarot Tales, I offer a mini-review of the StoryForge Cards. Listening to the episode, I’m not thrilled with the way I described revers...
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Marcus Katz

In episode 2 of Tarot Tales, I make a few observations about the “scary” cards in the deck before speaking with Marcus Katz, author of Tarosophy and c...
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Jenna Matlin

In episode 1 of Tarot Tales, Scott shares his background in tarot and interviews Jenna Matlin, the intuitive engine that drives Queen of Wands Tarot. ...
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