Thank The Maker!

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King's College London's premier creative interview show. Each week we highlight creatives from around London and the world, dive into their industry experience, and ask questions about their creative process.

Thank the Maker! Umar Sharif

TTM takes a virtual trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to talk creativity throughout Umar Sharif's varied career as an architect, YouTube content creator,...
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Thank The Maker! Jared Adamo

TTM's first virtual interview! Jared Adamo is a multi-faceted creative. He works as a video producer, but by night Jared constructs imaginary worlds a...
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Thank The Maker! Jack Sheppard

Clay and Jack discuss improv, film, and you guessed it - creativity! We go in DEEP and cover a lot of ground on this episode, so strap in!
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Thank The Maker! Roman Lewis

Roman Lewis is a young musician that Spotify describes as  "acoustic chill indie". Join Clay and Roman over the next hour as they discuss creativity a...
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Thank The Maker! - Bella Kennedy

Spoiler Alert for Parasite (2019)! Bella is a student at KCL studying film. Outside of her studies, she actively applies her practice as a photographe...
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Thank The Maker! Nazlı Topaloğlu

Nazlı Topaloğlu. Fashion society blogger. Brand creator. Creative. These are the many labels Nazlı falls under, but she clearly needs none. Join us as...
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Thank The Maker! Andrina Voegele

This week we have Andrina Voegele. A novelist since 14 and a writer through and through - Andrina has also found success as a ghost writer.  Listen in...
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Thank The Maker! Radhika Chauhan

Episode 1 REDUX with the one and only Radhika Chauhan. Radhika is, among many things, a writer, a community organizer, a book nerd, and most divergent...
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Thank The Maker! Frankenstein

Join Clay as he discusses acting, directing, and adapting Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to the stage. This episode of Thank The Maker! features Isaac Fr...
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