That Thing with James J. Asher II


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That Thing with James J. Asher II is a chill thing. It's all improvised (except for the parts that aren't). Just sit back, relax, and hang out with James and friends.

S1E48 - Tat Two

In this episode: Ned returns for his second appearance on That Thing. He shows me his sharp stuff, clamps both of my nipples, and drills me for about ...
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S1E47 - 2020 Vision

In this episode: I share my resolutions for 2020, get honest and forthright, kick a rat, battle a giant cockroach, confront the challenges in my life,...
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S1E46 - Ned Tattoos James

In this episode: Local tattoo artist, and my personal friend, Ned tattoos my arm! We talk barbecue, body modification as therapy, thin wieners, Sponge...
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S1E45 - Chaos Magick Pt. 1

In this episode: I dive into one of my all-time favorite topics — Chaos Magick (and everything that comes with it). Meet Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert...
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S1E44 - Giselle Returns

In this episode: Giselle returns to the show! We talk about all sorts of stuff. I wish we had more time, because we definitely had more to talk about....
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S1E43 - Good Neighbors

In this episode: Everything ties together in a beautiful way I never could've predicted. Two surprise guests drop in, my shower nearly falls through t...
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S1E42 - The Trip

In this episode: A fan shares their first LSD experience. I discuss the legality and morals of doing such a thing, make an analogy about how we're all...
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S1E41 - Jam Session

In this episode: I will captivate you with the finest of rhythms, melodies, and lyrics. Yes, this episode is an absolute masterclass in musical...geni...
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S1E40 - Halloween

In this episode: I become a pirate, speak with an awful accent, accuse Stephen King of being a hack (even though I love him), and talk about Halloween...
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S1E39 - Liz & Giselle

In this episode: Giselle Marie Muñoz and Liz Tabish drop by to talk about their beautiful creation — the Austin Arthouse Film Festival. We get into th...
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