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Absolute 80s is the UK's biggest commercial digital radio station. You guessed it, we only play 80s music, but we understand all of this modern new fangled podcasty stuff foo. So, when we get big guests into our studios to host shows or just for a cuppa, we make a podcast. It's usually the full interview including loads of stuff you don't hear on the radio. If you want to listen to Absolute 80s you can via DAB radio, the Absolute Radio app, Freeview, Sky or online at We especially like online listeners who have a ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64.

Richie chats with Billy Ocean

Listen to Richie as he chats with R&B legend Billy Ocean about music, family and festivals. Absolute 80s is the UK's only non-stop 80s radio station. ...
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The Keith Richards interview

Andy Bush interviews Keith 'Keef' Richards on the eve of The Rolling Stones gig in Hyde Park. They chat about Keef's wardrobe, playing at Glastonbury,...
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The Mick Jagger Podcast

Mick Jagger met with Pete Mitchell ahead of The Rolling Stone gig in Hyde Park this summer to talk about what songs they'll play, getting fit and Glas...
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John Taylor talks to Martyn Lee

Hear John talking about his new book In The Pleasure Groove, the highs and the lows of the 80s with fast cars and hot models. Plus hanging out with he...
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The David Bowie Interview

The last UK radio interview David Bowie has done, to date, was with Ben Jones in 2003 (around the 'Reality' album promotion) With Bowie about to relea...
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