The ColdLine Podcast

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This true-crime podcast will walk you through gory and morbid stories with a dash of funny slurs, reactions and of course, demm facts. From true crime to all the things that can one can call spooky, creepy and fascinating, we have it here. Join us if you wanna have a little fun true-crime party :)

#3: Auto Shankar Finale

After carrying out gory and remorseless murders, Shankar carries on with his career as a murderer. In this last parter of our debut episode, we dis...

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#2: Auto Shankar Kills

We kept you hanging but here it is! We're back with another episode on Auto Shankar. When we left you last, Shankar got very mercilessly dumped by ...

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#1: Auto Shankar

Anamika doesn't murder people, Dini communicates in keyboard smashes and Ritu is funny but right now a little awkward. We welcome you to the debut ...

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