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Here on the show, hosted by the wonder couple Izi & Deray, we discuss everything from topics to personal things such as relationships, sex, pop culture & whatever else might be trending. New episodes are released every Monday.

Naked Sit-Ups

Back with some more facts and news that somehow relates to relationships?
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All Your Eggs In One Basket?

Are 10 years too soon to move in with your partner? Is $5M not enough for your baby mother? Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? #MSOTP 
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That Was You

We answer some of our own questions and then discuss something that happened not so long ago with regards to Belle Delphine and the gaming industry. P...
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Green Flags

This week we try to discuss what are some green flags in relationships?
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New Rules?

New lockdown rules for us, SpaceX, Myka Stauffer's adoption issues, Kylie Jenner lying about her figures and finally RIP George Floyd #BlackLivesMatte...
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